Joe is smart, bold, ruthless and capable of
considerable charm. And even though he is
widely despised, he is also widely revered.
He is the poster boy for everyone who ever
dreamed of defying the odds, beating the
system, and getting away clean with the loot.
“Breaks, Brains & Balls”
by Joseph Conforte
and David Toll (2011)
Though Conforte liked to boast of bringing
happiness and pleasure to millions of persons
during a career that spanned four decades,
he left many broken people in his wake.
“Mustang’s Last Ride”
by Bill Valentine (2001)
Mention Conforte and [Oscar] Goodman still
bares his teeth. Rats earn the utmost derision
from Goodman.
“Of Rats and Men”
by John L. Smith (2003)
‘the sagebrush Mickey Cohen’ –just one of the
names the papers found to describe this
impossibly bold, outrageously beguiling
“baudy house baron” and “vice lord.
“The Killing at the Notorious Mustang Ranch”
by Barry Farrell,
New York Magazine, July 26, 1976
Joe Conforte, dynamic, volatile, imaginative, generous, and pathologically egotistic. . . . this was the guy with the world’s biggest collection of beautiful broads, the guy who beat the system, the guy who made Nevada lump it, who had made the state accept his whorehouse.
“The Girls of Nevada”
by Gabriel Vogliotti (1975)