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It wasn’t enough for Joseph Conforte that he was a household name and ran a prostitution empire, he wanted a casino gaming license. He wanted an elected office. He wanted to run things in Nevada and to earn the respect of the little people.

A Sicilian by birth, he’d come to this country in 1937 as an illiterate young boy with empty hands. By 1974, he was like a Godfather to Reno-Sparks and to neighboring Storey County. He gave to the poor and the needy, gave to charities, and was a big supporter of athletic teams, especially the Reno University’s Wolf Pack football team.

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Joseph Conforte’s

Crime Dossier:

Recommended reading


  1. Ties to Joseph Conforte

  2. Statements made under oath

  3. Forward by Oscar Dey Williams

Lies Within Lies

  1. Bribes of Joseph Conforte

  2. How the Gov’t boggled the case against Claiborne

  3. The deal the Gov’t made with Conforte

The Last Mafioso

  1. Highest member of the Mafia to turn Govt witness in 1978

  2. Plot to kill Joseph Conforte

  3. The cost of icing Conforte’s wife, Sally


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